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Christmas can be such a tough time for many of you. It is that time of the year where you find yourself imagining “By next Christmas I’ll have my baby” and then when next Christmas comes along and you are still not holding your longed for baby in your arms, it is really hard to take. Christmas is a reminder of what you don’t yet have especially when it seems to you that all your friends are moving on with their lives and having their families. It is also a time when you meet friends or family that you have not seen in a while and this can further highlight the big hole in your life. So what can you do to make this Christmas a little easier for you to get through?

  • If you can try to stay away from social media as it will seem that everyone else is having a happier Christmas than you, which can make you feel even worse than you already are.

  • Try not to be too hard on yourself, remind yourself that you are doing your best every day and that you did your best for the past 12 months. Be kind and treat yourself. Rest and digest and do what makes you happy, be it lounging around in your pj’s all day, sipping hot chocolates, watching Christmas films, playing games, do it! Do let yourself of the hook.

  • Did you have magical Christmas’s in the past, can you find a way to reconnect with the magic now?

  • It can be lovely to get outside and get some fresh air, being in nature boosts your well-being and will you feel better in yourself.

  • The current restrictions can be a blessing in disguise as you won’t be under the same pressure to attend social gatherings. You can shake off ‘the having to’ and just be.

  • Can you press the pause button on the energy you use trying to conceive over the Christmas period. Take a break from all the internal and external chatter. When the thoughts come, say ‘Not now’, I’ll get back to you again in the new year.

Know you are not alone, they are many others who feel just like you do over this Christmas. I also see you and your grief. I so wish that this Christmas will be your last without your longed for baby.

Angela xxx


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