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We are on the cusp of welcoming in a new year and when dawn breaks tomorrow morning, the first of 2019, it brings with it the possibility of new beginnings, the potential for new life. 2019 gives you the opportunity to put 2018 behind you, when perhaps on this eve last year, you thought you would now be holding your baby in your arms and it can be devastating to you that you are not.

It can be hard to believe that you are making progress when you still have not achieved your much longed for pregnancy and yet you are. You are getting to know you, your weaknesses and your strengths, you are learning about how unfair life can seem to be, about how little control you have over the miracle of life, I’m sure your relationships are being tested, you are perhaps viewing the world through a lens you never believed you would have to use and I have no doubt you are having to dig very deep within you to find resources you never knew you had to just keep on going…AND…DO…keep going..

Miracles do happen, believe me, and 2019 could be the year that your miracle will happen.

Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

How can you achieve your miracle?

You can achieve it by firstly deciding what is the most important change you need to make for you to improve your chances of conceiving? Is it a physical change or an emotional change or do you need to look at your mental attitude? Prioritise and start by taking small steps every day to implement this change. Do not try to make many changes all at once, you will overwhelm yourself and set yourself up for failure. Practice every day as it can take between 21 and 60 days for a habit to form, hang in there….Perseverance and hard work do pay off…

I wish you all a fruitful and bountiful 2019 and all the happiness in the world

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