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Our IVF preparation programme works to compliment the effectiveness of your IVF treatment whether it is at home or abroad, it is fresh or frozen, with your own eggs/sperm, with donor eggs/sperm/embryo or whether you are on your first or subsequent rounds of IVF.  

We aim to ensure that you approach your treatment with clarity, calmness, control and optimism by balancing your mental, emotional and physical health thereby maximising your chances of conceiving…



  • Customising a plan that is tailored to your needs

  • Ensure your choices and decisions are coming from a calm, informed place

  • Walk you through each stage of the treatment process step by step

  • Face and deal with any fears or concerns that you may have

  • Leave no stone unturned that may block your path to success

  • Address the role of diet, exercise, lifestyle and environment on fertility health for both you and your partner

  • Combine Fertility Reflexology or Fertility Massage with visualisations to further enhance your well-being.   Also, take home ‘do-it-yourself’ exercises to maximise benefits of treatments

  • Normalise the process for you and help you acknowledge the reality of where you find yourself

  • Arm you with an array of relaxation techniques, affirmations, coping skills and self-help tools that you can draw upon at any time

  • Re-awaken, build and strengthen your inner resources to help you face the challenges of IVF

  • How to manage ‘the unexpected’

  • Reduce your isolation and help you gather your support team around you

  • Encourage open communication with your partner

  • How to choose the right Fertility Clinic for you

  • Can liaise and arrange support for you with Fertility Clinics abroad

  • Prepare for your 2 week wait

  • Supporting you through the outcome of IVF be it positive or negative


Studies have also shown that reducing stress in IVF has a positive effect on pregnancy rates and produces a better percentage of good quality embryos.  

Research now shows us that stress can negatively impact your chances of conceiving. With IVF treatments, women who are highly stressed are 93% less likely to conceive than those who are not distressed. Therefore, it is vital that you address your mental, emotional and physical health prior to IVF treatment in order maximise your chances of conception.

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