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Rebozo takes its name from a Spanish mantilla shawl, which was brought to Mexico by Spanish Colonisers and then used extensively by Mexican women who used it as a shawl to cover themselves or to carry their babies in. Rebozo’s were then used in a postnatal ritual called ‘closing the bones’ and they are now used as part of Fertility Massage. Rebozo is a very simple technique of gently rocking, shimmying and wrapping with the rebozo shawls. You will be wrapped with three rebozo shawls, your head will be wrapped to quieten your mind, your pelvis is wrapped to create safety and stability and your feet are wrapped to ground you. You will be left with an amazing feeling of being safe, secure, and nurtured and as you are unwrapped you will have a lovely feeling of being set free and released.  This treatment is fantastic for any situation that has been an overwhelming experience for you.

I can also combine this beautiful technique to the end of a reflexology treatment if desired by a client. 

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