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Still only 11 degrees outside yet the hint of better weather is tantalisingly close and with the Donegal postman (famous for correctly predicting the weather) forecasting an outstanding summer ahead for us, it is nearly time for us to peep out our toes to the world once again.

I always get a pep to my step with even the slightest rise in temperature and I can finally justify opening all the windows in the house without fear of being berated for having subjected all in sundry to believing they live in Siberia. To me there is nothing better than to feel a breeze flowing through the house, allowing my home to breathe and feel part of nature. The staleness of the winter months is vanquished and is replaced with an urge to clean out wardrobes and presses, to wash windows, doors and floors, to spruce up the garden and to get rid of all the ol’ junk that has accumulated over the winter months and begun to drag us down.

If you have been trying to conceive for a while you may find that your efforts to conceive have become a bit stale or worn out and like your home could do with a shake-up. As humans we like routine and are very comfortable doing the same thing over and over again. Once one begins to recover from an initial shock of an ‘infertility’ diagnosis all energies are often funnelled into finding that one magic elusive ‘thing’ that will be the key to success. Desperation drives one to clutch at many straws, with new ways of doing things becoming mindlessly habitual. The longer one finds oneself in the infertility mire the ability to decipher whether these new ways of doing things are serving your cause is weakened.


Step back, open up the windows to your soul, allow yourself to breathe again.

You cannot do everything, trying to do everything will overwhelm you. Take time out, time away from everything you are doing, including google and social media. Create a space in your heart and mind to allow a little clarity and peace to return. Simplify your fertility life.

Begin to accept that life has changed for you and allow yourself to slowly adapt to this new world. If you can do this and by doing this alone, you will have dusted down your fertility cobwebs.

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